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client testimonials

It is a true honor to serve those are in alignment with the work and support I offer.  It takes immense courage to step over the threshold into our new lives that are waiting for us.  Thank you to all who have trusted me being any part of their journey in this human experience.  

I am so blessed and grateful to have been in connection with each person.  Its a gift to witness the transformations that continue to unfold in front of my eyes. 

Thank you for doing the work. 

We are all walking each other home.

Please see some of the testimonials below and what my clients have shared about their experiences with me. Please check out my google reviews as well.  



Hi Andrea

I didn't have the opportunity yesterday as I did with Edith and Jenna to tell you how much this retreat did and meant to me. Jenna, Edith and you are a solid, caring and strong team that are and will continue changing lives through the combination of ancient traditions, plant medicine and your feminine strength. I've been to many Ayahuasca ceremonies. Probably more than 20. With Peruvian shamans mostly. And this is one of the best ceremonies I've been to, for many reasons, I could explain in length at a later time :)

I am grateful with you for welcoming me in your circle, for caring and for being there when I needed it. From my heart, Andrea. I hope you never stop trying and growing and doing it. If you ever need any active help, on any step of this fight for your well-deserved position in the world of plant medicine, I'll be happy to help. I don't know how but l'd love to help. Continue claiming the place women, the real healers, have in the goal of saving the world at this inflection point.

Guillermo G - Colombia, South America 

Good Morning, Andrea. 

I woke up this morning thinking about this.

The most profound gift you and Jenna have given me is validation.

From our very first phone conversations, I felt heard and seen and understood. When I cried to you on the phone, sharing my fears of attending the Goddess Retreat, you were so present, Andrea, validating everything I told you, and the fear lifted. I had never experienced that.

I am amazed at how both of you are so powerfully present for each participant for hours. I feel healed just watching you interact and hold space. It is so beautiful! It feels miraculous to me. I think it is what my child always craved.

Being seen, being heard, being understood and validated is powerful medicine, and I am taken to my knees in gratitude for both of you, for the gift of being you and doing what you do.

The sense of being part of a loving family is medicine for me!

I am beyond grateful that you are in my life! You have brought me to life. I feel held. I feel loved.

Thank you for everything!

I love you!

Carrie D - Milwaukee, WI

You guys are so amazing. It was incredible to watch you hold space for everyone. At one time I looked up/ opened my eyes and saw you so walking around or helping people and had such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you all, that tears just started flowing. It was beautiful. I'm tearing up just thinking about it again. 

Christie H - Milwaukee, WI

I have been seeing Andrea Stong for a couple years now when I first started seeing her I was doing it based off the recommendation of our mutual friend and very much enjoyed our sessions. Throughout our sessions she informed me that my confidence was lacking and that was the reason I stayed in a relationship that was toxic and detrimental to my growth. I eventually parted ways with the toxic partner. That is when our sessions became much more powerful. There is a session I remember where I was vibrating so hard that i almost levitated off the table while she was working on me! I believe that her intuition has also progressed as time went by. I encourage anyone who is looking to ascend spiritually to work with Andrea she is truly a gifted healer and with cooperation she can help you change your life and improve your circumstances.


Holly M - Milwaukee, WI

Andrea Stong is my go-to energy healer/light worker. She shares her gift of healing with unconditional love, intuitive guidance, and amazing accuracy. I've had many sessions with her over the years, and always leave feeling less burdened by energetic blockages, and emotional hindrances. I recommend Andrea to all my clients seeking energetic healing in its purest, most divine form.

Paula S - Milwaukee, WI

Absolutely the most amazing, life changing experience every time I go. I have referred several people here and each person had only positive things to say! She truly has an incredible gift and I would encourage everyone to book a session with her!

Christa B - Stone Bank, WI

I had the best energy healing session with Andrea..she is a divine angel..and spiritual master..I will recommend to everyone..please take a session of holistic healing from will always miss that experience for your whole life..Thanks..Andrea for showering your love and compassion on our community.


Bharat K - Milwaukee, WI


Andrea has a vast knowledge of holistic health and a beautiful spirit. Work with her and you'll be blessed with growth and empowerment!


James D - LA


I feel absolutely wonderful today!!! All the tension physically and mentally I had building up gone. Andrea Stong you are the best at what you do! Thank you!


Deborah M - Milwaukee, WI


Went to Transcendence for some energy work, and came out with a massive amount of healing! She uses an effective combination of intuition, love, and knowledge to help her clients, and I feel very fortunate to have been touched by her gifts. Highly recommend!


Skully S - Milwaukee, WI


I am I'm love with this practice and my mentor! Andrea is the sweetest caring positive helpful lady I've ever met. My first experience was not rushed nor was our time a burden to her. Her energy radiates compassion, loyalty, and pure love! Her devotion to her clients is outstanding and one of a kind. Her soul is one of great depths focusing on our true meaning in life, Love!! Her practice reflects her and you are always in the best care and will have positive life changing experiences!! Thank u for all you have done to help me start my new journey Transcendence Holistics!!


Sara Z - Hartland, WI

The best of healer and enlightened master..of my life..Andrea Stong..very blessed with her guidance..I want to invite..all friends for energy work..Thanks..for sharing your wisdom..with us..very grateful for you..

Kumar - Milwaukee, WI

I met a Reiki master and she taught me all about energy and energy healing.
I went with her for a Reiki healing session and I seriously felt like a miracle was performed!!!
After only one session the pain in my knee was 90% gone!!!! No surgery no medication nothing but my own intention to heal myself naturally.
That was honestly the start of my spiritual journey that I have been on for the last two years I've learned so much and I decided it's time to give back.
I started healing! Without being attuned to Reiki, trained or certified I took my intuition and all the knowledge that I had and with my intention I healed Orlando from bronchitis and I healed Violette from a head cold that she had. Again no Doctor No medication no co-pays none of that . I amazed myself with the results!!!!

I took that as a sign and I knew I had to go and get attuned to Reiki so that I could perform healings on people.
That being said I was blessed to be taught by the best around Andrea Stong thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Vlanca V - Milwaukee, WI

A lot came to me all at once and its amazing. All I can say is thank you very much for everything you do and be! I would like to tell you I hope you realize you are the next game changer!   

Travis R - Waukesha, WI

Powerful night, powerful women! Thank you Andrea for leading such an amazing group! 

Danarae Z - Hartland, WI

Thank you so much for holding this space for us! I really enjoyed myself, and meeting all the lovely women. 

Marilyn B -  Milwaukee, WI

A Goddess Drum Circle Botanica Galactica (our new fav event space in Walker's Point),  This was amazing! Highly recommend.

Katie F - Milwaukee, WI

I had a panic attack today. And do you know what pulled me out of it?  While I was laying on the bathroom floor crying in the dark... the songs from last night started running in my head. And I was able to sing along to the voices inside my head until that’s all I put my focus on and just kept repeating the songs (specifically Cherokee Morning Song and Voice of my Womb).  It started in my head as a whisper and drowned out everything and it helped me pull out of the shit.

I just thought I’d share that because it was really quite awesome. I will still be in touch soon to discuss stuff though.  It’s the weekend now so let me know if it’s better to reach out next week sometime instead.  

I appreciate you so very much, Andrea.

Angel H - Delafield, WI

Andrea gets a two thumbs up from me! She provides an in depth information of your energy body (chakra, cords, aura, and the overalls) what she saw and felt during the session and advises on how to improve the quality overalls and is really friendly. Would recommend her!

Crystal C - Milwaukee, WI

Andrea is awesome! I can tell she's very passionate about what she does. She took her time with me before, during, and after our session to explain and answer questions. I felt a very gentle loving energy from her. So great to meet like minded people. Plus she gave me some crystals to keep. I left feeling great. Thank you Andrea!

Kristin H - Oconomowoc, WI

Andrea is terrific. Not only is she patient and great at what she does, but follows up and checks up on me. She's there whenever I need her and the sessions have greatly improved my life.

Amanda P - New Berlin, WI

Had an amazing experience with Andrea Stong last Monday while suffering from severe anxiety. I reached out for help and she was there instantly! I closed my eyes and randomly see her in my vision praying for me. Wasn't long before the anxiety started to diminish providing me the relief I truly needed. Thank you again Andrea! You are a blessing.

Amanda Kate P - Norristown, PA

 I highly recommend Andrea.  She is very intuitive and thorough and has a genuine desire to help clients.

Tracy S - Sheridan, AR

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