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Welcome to the
'Dream Team'

Andrea Stong of Transcendence Holistics prides herself for welcoming some of the most powerful, loving, skilled, and well trained practitioners part of her 'Dream Team' to co create transformative experiences for our community.

When you participate in any group events or sacred healing retreats, you will be held with the utmost compassion, love, grace, acceptance,  and safety.  Get to know some of the 'Dream Team' below. 

Michael O’Shea is from the Reno, Nevada area currently living in Costa Rica. He is a Life
Transformation and Wellness Mentor focusing on personal advancement and spiritual
awakening. Having built his own 9-week self-development program he currently works with
people on a mental and emotional level to cultivate the change they are seeking to have and to
become more fearless in their actions to create the life they deserve.


On a spiritual and energetic level he has co-created a healing retreat community with his sister to support and
encourage seekers of a more profound life transformation. He finds extreme pleasure in
organizing and facilitating retreats to educate others in simple life skills people can use in their
day-to-day life to discover more joy and fulfillment in a more simplistic way. Michael and his
sister hold a lot of integrity towards post retreat integration and offer ongoing monthly support
groups and gathering for all those seeking to stay aligned and in community through their

Their co-created community started with the use of indigenous practices from the amazon as
Michaels main teachers are from the Shipibo Tribes of the Amazon of Peru. Michael has gone
on several journeys into the amazon to study deeper with the healing properties and
awakening nature of the enlightened plant spirits from Colombia to Peru. A majority of his
studies have been with a very specific Shipibo tribe in Peru of the Mahua-Lopez lineage that
have been able to make connection with and now protecting some of the most enlightened and
spiritual master plants. Having done 2 major plant dietas with this tribe his connection to the
plant spirits are immensely unique and have allowed his ability to work with in the plant
medicine realm more intuitively connected.

He began to vigorously study and train in the wellness industry to attune his natural skills of
servitude to develop them into beneficial tools for people whom he supports. Michaels biggest
gift and uniqueness working in the healing and wellness space of retreats is with his overly
giving nature to show up for people 24 hours a day when in retreat setting. Paired with the
addition of his in-depth work using the sacred tools and medicines to bring grounding, cleansing
and cleaning effects to people in their processes (i.e., uses of sacred tobacco, hapè, sananga,
agua de florida, and more) as well as the developmental talks he hosts while at retreats.

Michael strongly believes we all have the ability to be our own healer again. His legacy is to
develop a strong foundation in each person he comes in contact with to assist them in seeking
out or finding their true north to live their own passion each day in a healthy, engaging,
community care-based way.


Jamie O’Shea is from Reno, NV and currently traveling between Costa Rica and Nevada.  She began her 
journey on this path through the love of yoga. Encouraging the love of yoga and the expansion of oneself 
is a welcome tradition that Jamie desires to pass along to others. It is her intention and offering to give 
the gift of home, oneness, and connection to body/mind/spirit to clients.   

On a spiritual and energetic level, she has co-created a healing retreat community with her brother to 
support and encourage seekers of a profound life transformation. Jamie finds joy in retreat spaces 
designed to educate others in simple life skills to encourage more daily pleasure and fulfillment. Jamie 
and her brother believe post retreat integration and ongoing monthly support groups are crucial to stay 
aligned and connected to community.  

Their retreats involve the use of indigenous practices from the amazon; the main teachers are from the 
Shipibo Tribes of the Amazon of Peru. This team works with the sacred tools and medicines to bring 
grounding as well as cleansing effects to people in their processes (i.e., uses of sacred tobacco, hapè, 
sananga, agua de florida, and more). These retreats involve several developmental talks, and they inspire 
others to realize we all can be our own healer!  

Currently, Jamie travels as much as possible to host wellness retreats with her brother. Jamie has 
obtained her certification as an emotion code practitioner and has been avidly continuing her education 
in this modality. The power our subconscious has to unleash our own abilities as intuitive healers is 
immeasurable. Jamie brings these gifts into retreats and medicine spaces to work as a partner to support 
growth in all her clients’ lives. 

∙ If you have a body and breathe; the yoga teachings are for you 
∙ Everyone is welcome. no matter your background, upbringing, or belief system 
∙ Energy healing is available to all of us and we all have intuitive abilities to heal our bodies 
∙ Releasing trapped energy will free one up to experience more love and light  
∙ Health & fitness: Yoga for all ages  
∙ Emotional energy healing techniques based on the Subtle Body and Heart Healing Modality 
∙ Breathing techniques 
∙ Meditation  
∙ Certified RYTT and RCYT (YA# 168392), insurance endorsement available upon request  
∙ Certified Emotion Code Practitioner: 
∙Certified in Subtle Body and Heart Healing Modality with Energy Therapy LLC. 

Cassie Hopkins

Cassie Hopkins is on the retreat team of Transcendence Holistics. You may have the pleasure of receiving the love, healing, and wisdom she offers in one of the sacred healing retreats or events offered. Cassie is from the Milwaukee area that has an open heart of gold.  She may begin as a stranger, though, she is truly a heartfelt friend that you haven’t yet met.  

Cassie has a deep connection to Mother Earth, Great Spirit, the Elements, the sacred directions, and the Universal Energy that is present in all things. She embodies a grounded yet playful essence that welcomes all to the sacred spaces she holds.  

For the last four years, Cassie has been devoted to her personal development and growth while supporting community members in theirs. She is a Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive, an Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Life Coach, and has a degree in Arts with a concentration in psychology. 

Contact Cassie directly to schedule a session with her at 414-736-5984

Christie headshot.jpg

Christie Hanrahan

Christie Hanrahan is a dedicated practitioner with a profound passion for holistic healing. She works to integrate ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities.


Specializing in:

🔮 Astrology & Medical Astrology: Offering insightful astrological consultations, Christie guides her clients to understand the celestial influences shaping their lives. Through medical astrology, she can provide personalized insights into health patterns and preventive measures.


🌀 Reiki & Zodiac Reiki: As a certified Reiki master, Christie harnesses the universal life force energy to promote balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Her unique approach combines Reiki with zodiac energies, enhancing healing on a cosmic level.


🌿 Herbalism/Astro-herbalism & Herbal Medicine Making: Working with the earth's medicines, Christie practices the art of herbalism, crafting remedies tailored to individual needs. With a deep understanding of plants and their properties, she offers natural solutions for holistic well-being. When appropriate, Christie also will utilize astrological timing to craft and potentize herbal medicine, aligning treatments with celestial energies for optimal efficacy.


🌱 Master Herbal Plant (social) Dietas: Christie facilitates social plant dietas, which provide an opportunity for individuals to work with and merge plant spirits into our everyday lives. By communing with the essence/spirit of sacred plants,sheI helps guide individuals towards inner healing and spiritual growth.


Come and embark on a transformative journey to wellness with Christie Hanrahan.


Contact info:

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