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Sacred Grandfather Healing Ceremony
in waukesha, wisconsin
Saturday May 20, 9:00am - Sunday May 21, 2023, 12:00pm

Join Andrea of Transcendence Holistics for a ceremonial communion with the sacred medicinal grandfather essence.

Saturday May 20, 9:00am - Sunday September 21, 12:00pm
$350 per person
Location: TBA

•Grandfather medicine, Rapé & Sananga are included
•Lodging is included
•Food & Drinks are included
•Prepay in full or put a $150 non refundable deposit down to secure your space.
Please choose friends and family option and NOT goods and services or it charges me a fee.
- Venmo @Andrea-Stong (verify with 6707, the last 4 digits of my phone number if it asks)
- Zelle 262-212-6707
*There is no “r” in my last name. Common mistake many make.
Please ensure you are sending your payment to the correct username/email*
Ceremony is about 12 or more hours and you will spend the night.
Please complete the informed consent, waiver, and screening to be considered for this ceremony and to ensure your safety with the medicine.

Please bring:
•Yoga mat
•Blankets and pillows
•A bucket
• Roll of toilet paper/box of tissues
•Comfortable closed toe shoes/hiking boots
•Any sacred items you’d like to add to the altar
•Journal and pen (optional)
•Art supplies (optional)
•Remaining cash exchange if not prepaid in full
•Change of clothes (layers are good due to temperature fluctuations)


Grandfather medicine is a cactus that has been used as a sacred plant medicine for at least 3,000 years in the Andes of South America. It is a medicine that can be used to help us perceive our self-created barriers and limitations, and greatly aids us in opening and connecting with our hearts, and healing physical ailments.
Each ceremony is a reunion with ourselves, Mother Nature and the Divine. It is a medicinal mirror that can help us see where we hold onto self-limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us toward releasing that which no longer serves us.

Grandfather is often underestimated as a powerful plant medicine, due to its gentleness. However, I have found grandfather to be incredibly powerful and profound.

Our ceremony will be an intensive, daylong and into the evening experience that can be profoundly deep and transformative. It is good to arrive for the day with a deep willingness to engage with yourself on all levels.
Like most plant medicines, the individual experience of the medicine varies for each person. It is important to remember that no experience is ever like another and that whatever the medicine gives to you is exactly what was needed for that moment.

Prepare at least 2 weeks prior to ceremony by eliminating meat (especially red meat, pork, sausages, lunch meats, and processed meats), sugar, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, drugs/any other substances, medications, etc.

Do a light fast the night prior to ceremony with an early, light dinner followed by only water and non caffeinated herbal tea or coconut water until we drink the medicine the day of ceremony.

Setting Your Intention:
It is beneficial to have a defined intention for a shamanic ceremony. This is what you are aiming towards in the ceremony as well as in the time around or after ceremony. It is not the same as an expectation – as it is better not to have any expectations at all.
The intention that you bring to the medicine is wholly up to you and can play a crucial role in your experience. Being able to clearly state where we would like ourselves to be moving towards, and asking for help in that movement, is in itself an energetic opening to enable us to receive what the ceremony has to offer us.

I advise you to reflect on your intention prior to ceremony. There are no wrong intentions in our experience.

In my experience, expectations can sometimes become an obstacle in an individual's process. Whether it's your first or thirtieth time drinking grandfather, I recommend all participants let go of expectations during ceremony and allow the medicine to do its work.

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