Andrea makes concentrated custom Essential Oil Blends in roller-balls, sprays, inhalers, and dabbers. *For aromatherapy and topical application only 


Below are some of her client's favorite blends.  

If you are looking for a blend for a specific use that is not listed, please let Andrea know as she also makes custom blends designed just for you!


All blends and oils are extremely concentrated & charged with healing and loving Reiki Energy. 

Please purchase in The Store to order. 

Roller-ball 10 ml ~ $15.00-$25.00

Inhaler                  ~ $3.00-$5.00

Dabber 1 oz         ~ $45.00-$60.00

Spray 2 oz            ~ $50.00-$100.00

Center of Clarity 



-Mental Clarity

-Balance bewteeen raising awareness, yet calming

Easin' The Tension

-Muscle Pain/Tension

-Achy joints & Connective Tissues


-Aids in circulation


-Seasonal Allergies


Pick Me Up






Soothing Serenity





Neuropathy Potion

-Calms overactive nerve response

-Eases pain

-Aids in circulation


-Restful sleep



-Slows down the mind

Forever Young Skin Serum




-Evens Skin Tone

-Diminishes dark spots

-Enhances natural glow

Wellness Revival

-Prevent and remedy cold/flu symptoms


Kick Rocks Kidney Stones

-Aids in diminishing kidney stones

-Assists with kidney pain

Thyroid/Hormone Helper

-Aids in balancing hormones

-Aids in regulation of thyroid

-Aids in balancing metabolism

Pimple Potion

-Reduces inflammation

-Reduces Rendess

-Fights bacteria

-Diminishes dark spots