Most of us unknowingly are energetic porcupines: We have Energetic Cords protruding from us through a lifetime of un-cleared connections. Many times, we have multiple Energetic Cord connections with the people we've developed close relationships with. 

Especially when we are physically and or sexually involved. The types of Energetic Cord connections you choose to keep or clear directly impact the health of your energetic field, your aura, and directly affect your overall physical health.


Energetic Cord connections occur anytime two people, whether consciously or unconsciously, give permission to one another to energetically connect. Sometimes the connections are strong and remain in place for years, forming a bond much like a giant, deep tree root connecting into the ground. Other times, the connection happens lightly, in passing and easily disconnects like a thread flying loose. Other times the cord and connection develops strongly and then wanes, following the pattern of the relationship. 


Energetic Cords can both constructively and destructively affect the spiritual, energetic and intuitive aspects of our lives. The Energetic Cord bond can help us positively share information, emotion and energy more freely at the energetic/intuitive level between one another-like between parent and child, husband and wife, or close friendships. Destructive Energetic Cord bonds perpetuate unhealthy connections between people, leeching energy or seeping toxic energy between two people-like toxic co-worker situations, abusive relationships or co-dependency. 


To Break Free from emotional relationships, please let me assist you.

Cord cutting, can be devastating to your energy fields, as it will drain and trauma can cause them to re-attach, along with energetic scarring. But please, if you wish to do this on your own, do a cord removal through pulling and not cutting.